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lame-a-tism strikes again..

the mad house left their doors open again and the residents are running wild! i can't understand why sometimes i bother talking to an idiot who is just too thick to even get sarcasm.sometimes i could just bash that lil ditsy head or maybe crack it up and look at what kind of thoughts actually make her tick..

the other time after a killer exam i just commented how i wish i was like some smartass whiz kid just so i could breeze through the exams without studyin so hard.. this idiot comes up to me and say o girl.. you CAN be smart if you want to erm hello?? i CAN be? so i went yes, yes i can but you, you're already a genius aren't you? to which she smiles like i'm giving her a compliment.. *sigh*
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lol... escaped from the mad house did you?