I'm new!

Hey every one...I'm new...

Wel I just would like to say that guys fucking suck. They pretend that they are like your best friends and then turn on you. Yes guys are fun and great, but I just chose the wrong ones.

I also hate guys who defend their g/f so much that all you do is say a"Hi" and they bitch...and i'm a chick...


That's all...thanks for listening



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Jessica Simpson is a Bimbo

It seriously pisses me off that the re-release of Disney's Aladdin on DVD has new songs and a fuckin' "previously unreleased song" sung by three douchebags-- Jessica Simpson, Clay Aiken, and some other asshat. The reason this aggravates me is because this gaggle of morons are only popular right now-- and
ten or fifteen years from now, when I've got a kid and I'm eager to show them Aladdin, they're going
to wonder, "Who are these people, daddy?. And, I'll simply shake my head and reply, "A bunch of
losers I didn't even like when they were 'popular'."
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lame-a-tism strikes again..

the mad house left their doors open again and the residents are running wild! i can't understand why sometimes i bother talking to an idiot who is just too thick to even get sarcasm.sometimes i could just bash that lil ditsy head or maybe crack it up and look at what kind of thoughts actually make her tick..

the other time after a killer exam i just commented how i wish i was like some smartass whiz kid just so i could breeze through the exams without studyin so hard.. this idiot comes up to me and say o girl.. you CAN be smart if you want to erm hello?? i CAN be? so i went yes, yes i can but you, you're already a genius aren't you? to which she smiles like i'm giving her a compliment.. *sigh*
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What do I hate? I hate high-school moustaches. Rat 'staches. The kinds that're just a few thin black hairs on the upper lip. That kind of moustache sucks nuts.
I hate Larry the Cable Guy, and anyone and everyone who can relate to his stories and level of humor.

I especially hate people that yell out, "YEAH-YUH!", "WHAT?", and, "HOH-KAY!" in Li'l Jon's voice. You're not Dave Chapelle, and you're not fuckin' funny.

Vintage Man is about to have to whoop some modern ass
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hi I'm katherine

my best friend is annoying me so much. she has like no manners and we just got back from a trip together and I had lent her my black cat eye sunglasses which she lost. we had to get up at 4 for our flight so the night before I kept asking her where they were and she told me they were in the car, well they weren't in the fucking car. I love those sunglasses and I had spent a lot of time finding the right pair and I had been nice enough to lend em to her and not only did she lose them she didn't even apologize for it.
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I Hate This

i cant stand her i really cant. gosh! i get along with my mom..shes the only sane person in my house and now shes decided to go crazy. CRAP! why cant she just stop. i really dont know why shes doing this.

well alright. today i had practice for cross country. i told my mom to pick me up at 920 and she wasnt there. i was looking around for her and i didnt see her so i sat there till like 945. then she comes driving up and i was like gees where were you? i thought she like fell asleep or something..

then she freaked out on me. it turns out she was parked a couple cars down. so she went off saying how i think highly of myself and that i should have just looked around. WHAT THE HECK!!!!???????????????!!!!!!!!!!! i dont think highly of myself i couldnt believe she was saying all of this to me it came out of nowhere. i honestly did not see her parked there...it was really just a big mistake. i kept apologizing and i hated it,because she just yelling at me.

gosh what is wrong with her?? i just started crying and crying and she was like you're crying because you know this is your fault. OMG!? what!? i had listen to this the whole time.i hate when people freaking yell at me when i didnt do anything wrong at all. when i got home i got out of the car and just went running..which i really really really did not want to do since i just went to practice but i had to leave because my dad and my sister are gone and it would just be me and her home alone. so i went running to canyon intermediate (i live by there) and just sat on the swings...and then it started raining on me. yes. i just sat there for a very long time.then i went home cus i got really cold.

i couldnt believe she said that stuff to me..shes not even the same person.i hate this so much i wish i could leave. i dont even see where she got i think highly of myself????? cus i didnt see her parked there? omg. i have a week alone with the crazy women.

shes crazy.
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(no subject)

let me just list the things i dont like...

i hate-

  • moms fiance (fee-on-say)...how ever you spell it, -jeff
  • fake
  • grumpy
  • money
  • feeling crappy
  • cold
  • rap
  • getting caught
  • people who back out last minute
  • people lie to get out of things
  • people who take credit for something they didnt do, and never could do, and never give any credit
  • watching people make bad decisions
  • not being able to spell very good
  • feeling like i did a really good job, then i see someone else do it, and its ten times better.
  • that my sister is going to college.

what a crappy night being alone

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